PHOTOTHERAPY- Broken down!

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As organisms, we biologically originate and utilize sunlight to combine the nutrients we need from carbon dioxide and water, the process of photosynthesis. Life revolves around the sun- the source of light and life. Everything we are made of, as living creatures, contains and emits light.

Humans emit infrared light, which is why they use that special scanner you must go through every time you’re at the airport- it detects the heat we give off.

Lifewave utilizes this natural phenomenon to approach health and wellbeing with a holistic approach to life. With the numerous benefits light has on the body, lifewave's phototherapy patches use this light to stimulate and wake up the body’s natural healing system- each patch providing specific health benefits.

How it works:

A patch is applied to a specific, targeted point on the body. Wherever the patch is placed on the skin, infrared light emitted FROM the body is reflected BACK into the tissue refreshed and recharged. Stimulating your skin like so, in turn, stimulates your brain!! The brain goes straight to work by tapping into the bodies own natural flow of energy and the ABILITY to heal itself.  

Why this is important on a cellular level and to YOU:

Recap- A number of the patches help counteract free radicals (unbound oxygen molecules) in your body that damage cell proteins.. in turn contributes to VISIBLE signs of AGING.

When the body is stimulated from phototherapy, the body begins to release its own antioxidant (oxygen scavenger) and these free radicals are now neutralized NATURALLY. A balance between these two molecules are necessary for proper physiological function in the body. Including the progressive adverse changes accumulated with age throughout the body

When choosing lifewave phototherapy patches, you are choosing to promote an environment in which enable your body to optimize ITS OWN restored powers and provide specific health benefits all without the use of harmful drugs, or chemicals which in the short run may make you feel better- but long run accumulates damaging and harmful effects to your body!! Treat it as a TEMPLE! 


Lifewave wants you to stay HEALTHY and YOUNG, don’t you??


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